Thursday, December 9, 2010

Young Sailor Shipwrecked on Beach in Port Townsend

Young Vance and his brother Bo braved the cool temperatures and winds to have their photography session out at Fort Worden this week.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Deja View-One More Time for the Port Townsend Farmer's Market

Come on by the Farmer's Market one more time to see my gift ideas like the Port Townsend calendars and mini-books on Port Townsend. I still have lots of framed and matted prints, cards and Christmas cards available too. It isn't too late to consider buying a gift certificate to give a portrait session as a holiday present. Giving a gift certificate would make a lovely gift to give to a family member or friend and they can set up a session in the upcoming year.

This will probably be my last market this season however the Farmer's Market does continue for two more weeks. If I miss visiting with you at the market this week I want to thank all my clients for making this year another great year to be a vendor at the Port Townsend Farmers Market. Of course I love to sell my products and introduce prospective clients to my work but I also love visiting with all my regular customers that I become friends with. The whole Market community is a great group of people and vendors that I really find I miss during the months the market is closed. I'm always amazed each week that at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning the street is bare and by 9:30 the whole street is filled with perhaps 65 vendors and as many as 1500 could be walking through the market before it closes that day.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. Best wishes for the New Year and thank you again for your business during the year.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Animals Available for Adoption at Jefferson County Animal Shelter 11-22

I'm so glad I went to the JCA Shelter yesterday to volunteer by photographing this weeks animals available for adoption. I couldn't have gone out there this morning since it is snowing here and I'm already stuck in my driveway.

We currently have more adult cats than we have had for a long time at that shelter. This week we have three dogs including Willis, a young Pit Terrier mix puppy. A litter of kittens that had been in foster care was brought in this week. I photographed our three kittens as they were held by Pam, one of our volunteers.
Please give the Jefferson County Animal Shelter at (360) 385-3292 for updates on any of the animals on the adoption poster.

Friday, November 19, 2010

3rd Annual Hair Rock on Catwalk-Sponsored by Posh Hair Salon & Day Spa

This lovely young women, Janell, was one of the models I photographed last Saturday at the Hair Rock on Catwalk held at the Port Townsend American Legion. Posh Hair Salon & Day Salon organized this fund raiser for the Legion's Homeless Shelter. The staff from Posh donated their time and talent to get over perhaps 75 models get ready to walk on the Catwalk. The models were clients of the Port Townsend salon.

I was photographing models in the basement of the Legion and missed the show upstairs. I was having so much fun downstairs photographing some of the large groups and taking candid individual shots. The whole energy level was amazing.  Everyone was having such a great time preparing and practicing for their time on the catwalk. I think I heard that there were over 300 people in attendance and there was a dance held after the fashion show. What a wonderful event, Posh Salon and everyone who helped with the show deserves a great deal of praise for raising money for such a worthy cause. I can't wait to be there again next year.

Please contact me if were one of the models and would like to see of the images I captured. I have them on my website in a password protected folder.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Children Photography in Port Townsend

Bo and his Mom came to the studio last week for Bo's 18 month session.  Bo's Grandma wanted a photograph of Bo similar to the one fellow photographer Frank Ross had taken of his older brother Vance. Frank has relocated to Santa Fe so I was thrilled to be asked to work with Bo to record this special time in his life. I did a series of images with a black backdrop but found the ones with the white background, and more light, gave him more freedom to wonder around the set more and play with his toys and stuffed animal friends.

Mom was very helpful in the studio getting Bo's attention during the session including singing several songs which he loved and reading to him. I'm really looking forward to meeting Vance in a couple weeks for a session with both the boys.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kodak Moment-Kodak Gallery Commercial (Live Forever)

I'm listening to photographer Dane Sanders from Tonight he is giving a live presentation podcast from Knoxville. I'm thrilled to be able to watch this as I sit here editing photos for clients and new images to update my website. Tonight's topic is "Finding Your Way" in the photography world.

During his presentation he showed a YouTube Video from Kodak. It was released several years ago and is just as relevant today on why photographs are part of our lives, our whole lives, no matter who we are or what we do. I'm adding the link to the clip, one Kodak Gallery Commercial (Live Forever) long version or the Kodak Gallery Commercial (Live Forever) short version .

If you haven't seen this before it is a really touching video especially for any of us who have lost a loved one and despite their death their memory still survives through photographs. I feel so blessed that I'm a Photographer, I would like to think I do more than just take photos but rather I create memories. Many of my recent family images have reminded me how I have captured a certain time in their lives that they will never have again. It can be a couple celebrating a special anniversary, a family reunion in Port Townsend, pictures of a family gathering where they have came from all the over country to PT  to spread their parents ashes or the joy of an 80th birthday party.  I love what I do and feel I bring something special to my photography business because I understand and value the importance of a photograph.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Portrait Session

It was a joy to have Bob and Phyllis come to my studio on Friday.  They are a lovely couple and Bob brought a whole folder of family photographs to show me including a collection of his favorites of his wife Phyllis smiling. Everyone should be lucky enough to have such an adoring partner. To see two people so much in love with each other after nearly 50 years of marriage brought tears to my eyes. I look forward to photographing them again when we do a more casual pose at their home.

Animals Available for Adoption at Jefferson County Animal Shelter 11-8

These are the cats and dogs currently available out at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter. I only had one dog to photograph this week and poor Baby Foxy was shivering this morning being out in the cold rain. Baby Lola, Chester and Amelia are all new residents. Lots of adoptions this last week inclduing someone coming all the way from Seattle to adopt Dixie.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanks BuzzWorthySuccess for Signed Copy of Mark Robert Halper's book, Sunlight & Water

Last week I call into BuzzWorthySuccess to listen to a free teleseminar on A Year in Photography-The Trends & What They Mean For Next Year. Their free teleseminar lets you dial in and listen on your phone while typing questions in and sending by email.

I asked a question about all the sales marketing being done by so many different photographers, it turned out that was exactly the next point Jerry was going to make in the seminar. I sent an email asking if I won anything for such a good question and the lead into the next point. To my surprise they actually said yes, proving that it doesn't hurt to ask. The prize was a gift of the new photography book by Mark Robert Halper called Sunlight and Water. The book is of images of Winemakers of Santa Barbara County. It is a lovely coffee table size book with over 100 black and white images. Thank you Jerry and Sondra for having Mark send me a copy of his book. Thank you Mark for this lovely signed copy of your book

Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Portrait Session

The other night the Hemsley family came to my Port Townsend studio to look over family photographs I had taken before their daughter, Breanna left for West Point. It was fun to see which images they decided to pick from each of the different family poses. I photographed Breanna's Senior portrait last year and really enjoyed working with the entire family in the studio this fall.

Pre-Session Consultation with Bo

What a great visit I had meeting Bo and his Mom, Nicki. Bo is 18 months old and right now loves the word ball, we found balls everywhere in the studio. They came to my Port Townsend studio on Friday. First we checked out the studio and Bo had a chance to sit in front of the constant lights while he played with a set of blocks. I took a couple candid images while he was playing and have posted one of those here. I also sat down with Nicki in the viewing studio to go over pricing, we discussed some of the products I offer in my group packages and talked about Bo's upcoming session.

Bo and I had a great time together reading some of the children's books I have in the studio. Sitting down with him on the floor reminded me how much I enjoyed reading to my students when I was an Elementary Teacher while living in Maine. As they left the studio Bo blew me kisses. I can't wait for Bo's portrait session next week.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Senior Portrait Session with Cali at Fort Worden

Despite gray skies and cool temperatures Cali braved the elements to be photographed out at the Fort for her Senior session last Monday. Cali shared with me she actually loves the kind of weather we had that day. I actually wished I had remembered my hat and gloves. The bunker walls at the Fort offer a great variety of backgrounds from pale limestone to moss covered walls and cool old rusty doors.

Working with Mira to Create Seams to Last Holiday Ad

Michelle Grupe, the owner of Seams To Last hired me to photograph one of her clients modeling two cute outfits she sells in her store. The store is on Water Street in Port Townsend and offers a great selection of unique children's clothing.

Mira and her Mom came to the studio and we photographed Mira in several different outfits from Seams to Last. My favorite was the purple outfit with the leggings. I love the cute purses that complimented each outfit. Mira brought along one of her favorite dresses to model and a favorite friend to pose with.  Mira was a natural at posing and we did a lot of laughing and being silly during the session.

Monday, November 1, 2010

11-1 Animals Avaliable for Adoption at Jefferson County Animal Shelter

We have several new dogs at the JCAnimal Shelter this week. I went to the shelter yesterday to photograph the new dogs and the couple new cats this week. All the kittens we had were adopted in just a couple days. For updates on availability on all these animals call the JCAS directly at (360) 385-3292.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Visiting Family in Port Townsend

These two handsome brothers, Jake and Nick were here in Port Townsend to help celebrate their Grandmother's birthday.  I photographed the entire family at Fort Worden State Park on Friday and the boys came to the studio for their portraits the next day. I was struck by what a nice relationship they have with each other and I hope I captured that in this image. Everyone should have a big brother like Jake.

Family Portrait at Fort Worden State Park

Last month I had the opportunity to photograph Jennifer and her family when they visited her sister here in Port Townsend. I wasn't sure if the weather would cooperate, it rained twice before we met to walk the beach and take photos. The sun finally came out for a couple shots and then we walk down towards North Beach and found lovely shade underneath the bluffs.

Every time I get out to Fort Worden I'm reminded what a beautiful spot it is and how lucky we are to have this gem of a park here in Port Townsend. It is a destination for many people to meet and hold their yearly family get-together. Often the rentals at the Fort are booked a year in advance. Thanksgiving is a very busy time at the park with families coming to Port Townsend to celebrate the holidays.

If you and your family are coming to Port Townsend and would like to have a family portrait done to celebrate the occasion please give me a call to set up a portrait session.

Cory Available for Adoption at JC Animal Shelter 385-3292

I'm really excited about this new little video camera I bought called the Ultra Flip Video. I took it to the Animal Shelter on Sunday and video taped a couple of the animals, including Cory the cat. I don't have the editing tools down yet but I wanted to post this one of Cory, one of our many cats available for adoption.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Picking Out Favorite Baby Photos

Yesterday I met with baby Isabella's Mom to go over the photos I had taken during the two session she came to the studio. While this wasn't one of the ones Mom picked it is one of my favorites with her new dress and matching hat crawling amongst the colorful blocks. I had just bought several new rolls of brightly colored paper for either photographing children or high school seniors. I also just purchased the new blocks from Abracadabra. I tried to get the I and B for Bella to face forward but wasn't always successful.

Great Time to Schedule Senior Portrait Session

The weather is great and a perfect time to book your Senior High School Portrait Session. Last year several of my Seniors waited until after Christmas to book their session, booking now makes for the best options for an outdoor session before the weather changes.

Give me a call today to set up an appointment. Call Deja at (360) 385-2662.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunday Morning in Port Townsend

After taking photos at the Animal Shelter on Sunday I went down to Lehani's for a hot mocha and a ginger raspberry scone. I sat there and enoyed watching people walking by and listening to 103.7 on the cafe's radio. The Seattle station plays the best music on Sunday mornings.  After finishing my coffee I walked around with my new Nikon D700 and my 50 mm lens and snapped some fun photos.

This note was posted on plywood that was put in to replace the broken glass windows on one of the businesses in downtown Port Townsend.
The Summer House is this neat shop downtown with a great assortment of unique gifts. They always have the nicest window displays and this week it appears to be built around the theme of the upcoming Wooden Boat Festival.
These shoes where for sale as part of Labor Day sidewalk sales.  As I looked more closely at the inside of these shoes I wondered what story they might tell us of the life of the women who once owned them.
Great view from one of the restrooms in the Mount Baker Building.  Didn't have my telephoto lens with me. Taken through old window pane. The large building is our Post Office or the old Custom House.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Updated Bio Image. Being on the Other End of the Camera.

My friend and fellow photographer Kay Harper came by my studio last week and photographed me for an updated image for on my Blog profile and website. Posing for this photo reminded me what it feels like to be the subject photographed and not the photographer. So not being behind the camera was a good experience for me.

I think all of us, especially women, are critical of our features when we see our photo. Kay and I have taken taken lots of photos of each other as we worked on learning to use the Westcott Spiders lights in my studio. In reviewing lots of images of myself on my large monitor I have become more aware of specific features of my face. The bump on my nose, those darn smile lines, the shape of my eyes and knowing which is my smaller eye and how important it is to place that eye closer to the camera in a portrait. Almost 15 years ago my ophthalmologist, Doctor O'Morchoe found a tumor on my lower eye. After having the tumor successfully removed it altered the shape of my left eye.

I'm also very aware that as my hair has turned from brown with white streaks to all gray I find colors I once could wear no longer look good on me. Now wearing colors like purple and red really make me feel better about myself and the way I look. I like to remind my clients when coming for a session to wear something they feel comfortable in and to bring a couple different outfits for their session. I also need to remember to ask my clients what they think are their best features.

I try to put all my clients at ease when photographing them. I love it when a client who was hesitant to have a portrait taken finds after their session they ended up having a great time and are thrilled with their final images.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Deja View Image on Display at Port Townsend Northwest Maritime Center

Update 9-13 I received a lovely email from the couple that bought my print at the Northwest Maritime Show. It read:
Greetings from your fans in California! We purchased that lovely and beautifully framed photo at the reception. It was nice to see it on your blog. Since we did not want to cram it into a suitcase, we left it at my sister's in Port Angeles until our next visit. Have enjoyed your website and blog with so many great photos--feels like you are right there with the subject. As dog and cat lovers, we also appreciate your warm reflections of those adorable dogs and cats waiting for a home. Your work has heart and makes a special connection with the viewer. ( We wanted to post these comments on your blog, but did not want to set up an account to do so. Wishing you continued success, Becky

One of my images from a past Wooden Boat Festival is part of the On the Water Exhibit now on display at the Port Townsend Northwest Maritime Center. The exhibit is located on the 2nd floor of the NWMC's  Resource Building which is the yellow building located on Water Street just before you enter the Point Hudson Marina. During Wooden Boat Festival the display will be open on Friday from 9-7 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 9-5 p.m. It is a wonderful show and if  you are in town for the PTWB festival you should check it out. The exhibit will be up until September 22nd.

An artist's reception was held last month for those of us that are part of the show. I was so excited when a couple visiting from California approached me about buying my framed photograph of Katie right off the wall.  I sold that copy to them that night and last week returned to the Maritime Center with another copy to be on display and available for purchase during the Wooden Boat Festival.

Animals Available for Adoption at Jefferson County Animal Shelter 9-6

Here is this week's poster of animals I photographed at the Jefferson County Aninmal Shelter on Sunday. I had accidently forgot to post a photo last week of the lovely cat named Sasha so here she is this week.  We are fortunate to have only a couple dogs this weeks and both are young. Jasper is a 5 month old rat terrier and Shiloh is a 10 month old Lab/Retriever/Hound mix. He has the biggest hound dog eyes and seems to be all legs with lots of energy.

Please give the shelter a call for more information on any of these lovely cats and dogs. (360) 385-3292.

Rambo Family Portrait at Point Hudson Beach in Port Townsend

These photos are from a recent photography session on the beach near Point Hudson here in Port Townsend. I met Forrest, Kate, Bosun and Ninja, the cat, at their favorite spot on the beach for a late afternoon session. The beach has been a special spot for Bosun to play on since he was a puppy and the whole family lived on their boat at Point Hudson.

I loved the clothes Kate and Forrest wore to the session and the way the setting sun added back lighting to this image. This was my first time to photograph a cat outdoors and Ninja and Bosun were both great to work with. Forrest always brings Bosun by my vendor's booth whenever they are at the Saturday Port Townsend Market. Forrest owns Stuff Away , a Port Townsend business that offers mini moves, hauling and organizing plus home and office rearranging.

After Kate and Forrest had picked their favorite images from this session I delivered the printed images to them one evening at their lovely home here in Port Townsend. It was fun to visit with them over a glass of wine and get a chance to play with Ninja and Bosun.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Isabella in the Studio

Baby Isabella came to the studio for her portrait last week. Isabella is just seven months old and looked so cute in all her outfits but the purple tutu was my favorite.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Coldwell Banker Best Homes Business Portraits

I had the opportunity to photograph two local Coldwell Banker agents recently. Anne McLaughlin and Carol Wise have teamed together to open a new office here in Port Townsend.  I just delivered a copy of their recent business portraits to their lovely location overlooking the Port Townsend Golf Course. The office is located at 1441 F Street., Suite C in Port Townsend. You can reach them at (360) 385-0836 or email them at info@porttownsendrealestate  here in Port Townsend.

They were wonderful to work with in the studio and I'm sure they could help you with any of your real estate needs you have here in Port Townsend, visit their site at

Portrait Session with Baby Ida

Last week baby Ida came to the studio for a series of photos with a variety of outfits and some of her favorite toys. Ida is just 13 months old and has such a wonderful personality, she was up for every pose we tried and it was fun working with both her Mom and Grandmother during the session. Ida brought along her own piano and her favorite blocks that actually belonged to her either her Mom or Dad when they were children. I loved the way the blocks looked in the photo and stopped by Abracadabra in downtown Port Townsend to buy my own colorful set.

I purchased the two cute tutu's above and the matching headbands from Seams to Last. If you haven't visited this children's clothing store in Port Townsend you must stop by and see all the clothes Michelle has, many of which she has made herself. It is located at 940 Water Street in downtown Port Townsend in the same building as the Bead Shop. I had so much fun after this session I ran back to the store and purchased two matching tube tops and a pair of red wings.

Handsome Rosie, Bill and Momma

What a wonderful time I had yesterday photographing Rosie, Bill and his Momma. The light was lovely yesterday with the fog giving soft light both inside and out for these images.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7-26 Animals Available for Adoption at JCA Shelter

Please call the Jefferson County Animal Shelter, (360) 385-2662 to check for updates on these animals as they were photographed on Sunday July 25th my me at the shelter.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Deja View Photography Entry in Northwest Maritime Center Exhibition of Maritime Photography

I was please to learn from one of the judges, Michael Berman that one of my entires had been selected into the On the Water: An Exhibition of Maritime Photography.  The Northwest Maritime Center will display all the entries and the winners of the contest starting August 15th. The artist's reception will be held on August 19th.

My entry, Katie, is a lovely skiff that I have photographed for several different years at the annual Wooden Boat Festival.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Port Townsend Family Portrait

A couple weeks ago I photographed the Hemsley family in my studio. This is one of my favorite with three generations and the single image of Amelia.

Doug Gordon Workshop in Seattle

Last Tuesday I attended a Doug Gordon High Fashion, High Glamour Workshop in Seattle along with my friend Kay Harper. It was a half day workshop devoted to a variety of techniques for posing the bride and groom. The weather was beautiful in Seattle and we spent a majority of the time outside as Doug demonstrated his posing style.  Although I was never in the same position as Doug and his camera I did get a couple shots that I'm posting. It was a great day filled with lots of tips in posing to create lovely flattering images of the wedding couple.