Monday, January 25, 2016

Advice from Promotional Portrait Photography

While returning from a family visit in Wisconsin I stopped at a great used book store called Renaissance. I stumbled across a book on running a photography business and it had a copyright date of 1974. Priced at $3.50 I thought it would make for a fun read on the plane as I flew back to Seattle. It was very revealing reading of how many similarities to the present day task of running a business and then extreme changes in the advancement of technology since the books publication.

A suggestion for running a ad campaign for a small studio with the goal of "maxi-effect and mini dollar campaign was this suggestion:

The ad read. PRETTY GIRLS are easy to photograph. But if you're plain, homely, or flat out ugly come to the Gallery House for your color portrait. It's like painless plastic surgery. This ad had me in stitches and sharing with the women seated next to me on the plane.

Another ad read BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP but did you ever try to take it off? Bring your beautiful skin in for a portrait at Gallery House.

This one will certainly dates the book and I'm not sure how many people remember the advice column by Ann Landers but this one read ANN LANDERS gives advice. Our advice is to have your portrait made at the Gallery House.

If you are considering having your portrait taken in 2016 not 1974 considering contacting Deja View Photography. You can reach me at my Port Townsend studio at (360) 385-2662. I will tell you all my clients are indeed beautiful in my eyes and I will put you at ease to get a portrait you will be please with.

Steampunk Wedding in Port Townsend, Oh What a Cake

An amazing wedding cake created by Selena for Joanne and Jack's Steampunk wedding, a wedding I photographed last year. My photos don't do justice to all the unique details in this amazing three tiered cake. Each element had significance to the couple honoring their love, their family and their love of taking part in different Steampunk events.