Friday, November 5, 2010

Pre-Session Consultation with Bo

What a great visit I had meeting Bo and his Mom, Nicki. Bo is 18 months old and right now loves the word ball, we found balls everywhere in the studio. They came to my Port Townsend studio on Friday. First we checked out the studio and Bo had a chance to sit in front of the constant lights while he played with a set of blocks. I took a couple candid images while he was playing and have posted one of those here. I also sat down with Nicki in the viewing studio to go over pricing, we discussed some of the products I offer in my group packages and talked about Bo's upcoming session.

Bo and I had a great time together reading some of the children's books I have in the studio. Sitting down with him on the floor reminded me how much I enjoyed reading to my students when I was an Elementary Teacher while living in Maine. As they left the studio Bo blew me kisses. I can't wait for Bo's portrait session next week.

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