Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Website with Zenfolio

I launched my new website just before I left for the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International workshop last month. The website is a constant work in progress however you will see new information about my business and a lot of updated images from recent portrait sessions. The site offers both a slide show of my favorite images along with a variety of expanding galleries. I'm really pleased with the new features and capabilities this web hosting company provides. As a client or a visitor to my website you now have the ability to pick certain images as your favorites and make comments as well as view your images in password protected folders. I'm working on adding updated folders to show off new products I offer and specifics on pricing for my different sessions. So check out my new website Deja View Photography and let me know what you think.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Amy's Portrait Session

Last spring I photographed Amy's sister's Senior Portrait and a session with her entire family in the fall. This was my first time to work with Amy by herself and she was a natural at modeling for me. I used available window light in my viewing studio for part of the session and the rest was photographed in my studio using my constant lights called Wescott TD-5 Spiderlights. Amy is a lovely young girl and we are planning an additional session outside either in downtown Port Townsend or out at Fort Worden.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Animals Available for Adoption at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter

What a handsome group of dogs and cats just waiting for you at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter. Today was my day to volunteer by photographing all our animals that are currently available for adoption. I was on the floor in the cat room today when Ben leaped up on my one knee to check out my camera, I actually think he was fascinated by the noise my flash made as it recharged. Anyone of our dogs would make a wonderful addition to your family. I could easily take anyone of them home but my dogs Ruby and Max might not want to share their fenced yard. Last Sunday it was raining so this week all the dogs came out for new updated photos. They all did a great job posing as they lifted their noses to smell something unique in the air around the Shelter this morning. Cash did the cutest thing with her ears almost creating a Yoda look. Please call the JCAShelter. 385-3292, for updates on who is available for adoption or visit Petfinder, type in our zip code of 98368 and get more details on each of our animals.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poisonious Plants in Washington State

The other day my lovely boxer mix "devil dog" Ruby decided to eat the berries off a snow berry bush in my back yard. I panicked and call the Washington State Poison Control only to find they no longer give free advice on animals only people. Since my call to them I have heard there is a chance the regular Poison Control Hotline may have be losing some of its funding due to budget cuts here in Washington. Aleta at Oak Bay Hospital was very helpful with giving me advice on what to do with Ruby. I also did a quick Google search and found a very specific pdf document on Poison Plants of Washington State and have added that link here for anyone to look at. This list is just a reference, for both humans and animals but should never replace calling a physician or veterinary office for specific information.

Friday, March 4, 2011

2-28 Animals Available for Adoption at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter

Please call the Jefferson County Animal Shelter at 385-3292 for updates on which animals are still available for adoption. Zadie was adopted this week.