Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Saying Goodbye to a Pet

I wish I was a wiser woman. Saying goodbye has never been harder. I have seen changes in my dog Max since last year with what looked like Sundowner syndrome, very similar to what adults get. Gabapentin has helped with those symptoms along with Carprofen for pain. But Max is slowly approaching 17 and I see our days together numbered. I had hoped Max would give me a sign, he is still eating, drinking, going for very short walks and getting outside to go to the bathroom. My floors are a patchwork collage of old towels and sheets catching those midnight accidents. We are both struggling to achieve quality in his life. It just isn't something that you think about the day you see this adorable bouncy dog at the shelter barking for attention. I remember walking all the dogs available for adoption 15 years ago. He was the only one who put his head in my lap and gave me a look with those sad eyes as if to say take me home I'm all yours. I had just started taking photos when I captured this image of Max 12 years ago. What a handsome best friend. 

10 Ways You Know when to Say Goodbye to your Pet

Monday, July 9, 2018

Port Townsend Destination Wedding-Photos by Deja View Photography

Last week was the one year anniversary of Elizabeth and Casey's wedding. The couple lives in Texas but the groom's family lives in the area so they picked Fort Worden for their wedding location. The July weather cooperated from the party the night before at the Kitchen Shelter, to the bride getting ready at the Swan Hotel Penthouse, to the posed photos before the wedding in the beautiful garden at the Bishop Hotel. Tanya Rublaitus was the wedding coordinated and Julie from the Fort helped with all the advance planning needed for this destination wedding. The spectacular flowers were created by Petals here in Port Townsend. The wedding itself was under the giant Madrone tree at the Fort and the reception was at the Northwest Maritime Center which was decorated by Rebekah from Seed Design. The scrumptious food was catered by the Silverwater, the incredible geode cake, the groom is a Geologist, was from That Takes the Cake and DJ Scott Fijolek had everyone out on the dance floor rocking out. Thank you to fellow Photographers Kay Harper and Mitchell Osborn for the use of their images from the rehearsal and wedding day. A family member did a wonderful video documenting their day and I have added that link from YouTube.  Casey and Elizabeth's Wedding    #weddingsacrossthesound  #dejasphotos.com #fortworden #thattakesthecake #porttownsendmaritimecenter #seeddesign