Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Melissa & Matthew's Wedding

Melissa & Matthew's Wedding Rehearsal

Melissa and Matthew's wedding rehearsal was held down at the Farm Kitchen near Poulsbo on May 13th. During the rehearsal I decided to catch some candids just in case we had rain the next day during their wedding. Luckily the next day the weather was perfect and only near the end of photographing the posed images did it start to rain.

Flowers By Twig and Vine Designs

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun Music Video Clip

Well the sun came out yesterday so it was a perfect day to get some outdoor photographs. My friend Amy offered to model for me while I tested out some new equipment. I have photographed Amy and her family before so it was fun to be around Amy again. The filtered light was amazing coming through the canapy of trees. Later just as the sun was setting we got a few more images of her on her porch looking towards the sunset. Amy is a natural at modeling even suggesting poses or different angles to photograph from.

The Sun Has Returned-Time to Take Some Fun Photos