Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanks BuzzWorthySuccess for Signed Copy of Mark Robert Halper's book, Sunlight & Water

Last week I call into BuzzWorthySuccess to listen to a free teleseminar on A Year in Photography-The Trends & What They Mean For Next Year. Their free teleseminar lets you dial in and listen on your phone while typing questions in and sending by email.

I asked a question about all the sales marketing being done by so many different photographers, it turned out that was exactly the next point Jerry was going to make in the seminar. I sent an email asking if I won anything for such a good question and the lead into the next point. To my surprise they actually said yes, proving that it doesn't hurt to ask. The prize was a gift of the new photography book by Mark Robert Halper called Sunlight and Water. The book is of images of Winemakers of Santa Barbara County. It is a lovely coffee table size book with over 100 black and white images. Thank you Jerry and Sondra for having Mark send me a copy of his book. Thank you Mark for this lovely signed copy of your book

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