Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sea Marine in Port Townsend

What a wonderful job and opportunity for me to work with Sandy and Chris Bakkan and all the staff at Sea Marine in Port Townsend. This local business located at Port Hudson hired Deja View Photography  to photograph their staff while at work doing some of the variety of services they offer. When I first moved to Port Townsend in 1990 I lived on a sailboat in the marina at Point Hudson. I was well aware of the travel lift and boat storage but only recently learned of all the other services Sea Marine offered. Besides offering Yacht Brokerage and they also have a canvas shop, do woodworking, welding, electrical services even fill propane tanks. 
They used many of my images for their large display at the recent Seattle Boat Show and in The Leader in their recent publication special on the marine trades in Port Townsend. I know they are working to add images and update their website right now but wanted to share one of the group images they used in The Leader last month.
You can visit their website to view all the services they offer and what a great location to downtown Port Townsend. A one stop location for all your boating needs and close enough to the main hub of Port Townsend. You can enjoy your stay whether stopping at the Point Hudson for supplies, a one day haul out or repairs or a great location to have you boat hauled out and serviced while enjoying scenic Port Townsend.