Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Not Too Late for Port Townsend Senior Portraits

The weather may be gray and wet right now but it isn't too late to get great Port Townsend High School Senior images and met the yearbook deadline. Right now I have openings for in studio sessions for the Senior head shot needed for the yearbook. I have a waiting list for on location sessions when the rain stops and the sun returns. With nicer weather we can get back outside to take photos at the Fort in the bunkers or at the beach or in scenic downtown Port Townsend or a favorite location special just to you. 

The collage of images here are ones I took recently of Rowan who did a studio session first and then we headed out to Fort Worden late afternoon for unique variety of different looks. 

Rowan is very active in local plays at his school and other held at Key City Players here in Port Townsend and need a professional head shot when applying to different collages. He was recently accepted to Cornish College of Arts in Seattle next year. I can't wait to follow his adventures in 2017. I loved working with Rowan for these on location images. As with all the Seniors I photograph it is fun to get to know them during the session, learn about their plans for after graduation and to follow them on Facebook.

Give me a call today at (360) 385-2662 or visit my website at Deja View Photography to book a studio consultation session.

Port Townsend Leader Reader's Choice 2016 Winner of Best Photographer-Deja Webster

What a nice honor to have myself and my business Deja View Photography recognized as the Best Photographer by readers of the Port Townsend Leader. You can see more of my work by visiting my website at

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

National Dog Day-Adopt Jane Today

Jane has been adopted.
Adorable Jane is about 1 1/2 years old and available for adoption from the shelter here in Port Townsend. You can visit the Humane Society of Jefferson County Tuesday-Sunday or call them at (360) 385-3292.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Love on the Olympic Peninsula-Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Focus Group

There was a article in The Leader yesterday about Crystal Delights, a business located here in Port Townsend. Owners Andrew Schwartz and Shellie Yarnell are Jefferson County Chamber members and active in the Wedding and Event group which began meeting several months ago. I also belong to this network of Chamber members that are working together to encourage visitors to hold their wedding or other events here on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Keep on the look out for one of their beautiful marbles they have hidden somewhere around Jefferson County.

My Heart is Broken

About a month ago I wrote a post about my dog Max. I was reflecting on his age and hoping we would have another summer together but not taking out time together for granted. So I was heart broken when my other dog Ruby, died two weeks ago. It was sudden and not expected, she was 11 but seemed to be in good health. This was especially shocking since I have been preparing to say goodbye to my older dog Max for some time now. Max is around 14 but losing younger Ruby in a matter of hours has broken my heart. I feel like I have a hole in my heart. Our 10 years of usual routines that happen in our typical day together are gone so moving around in the morning is really hard. Being a Mom to eight dogs over my life time has been an honor and has enriched my life but saying goodbye is heart wrenching. Anyone who has loved and lost a dog will know this pain. We are a lucky group to have had them.

The day after Ruby died was incredibly hard but I got so much support from so many wonderful Facebook friends and other friend that sent flowers, cards or called. A friend came by and helped me bury Ruby in the back yard in the afternoon. I sent her off with flowers, a love letter, photos of her and I, her buddy Max and her favorite Kong. 

All grief whether the death of a beloved pet or a loved family member I think is especially hard when things change in minutes or in this case hours. My partner Don died suddenly from a heart attack so I know how quickly life can change. One minute he was here and 4 minutes later he was gone. So on Tuesday, much like that Sunday morning 14 years ago, all seemed right with my world. In this case I ran off to a job and when I returned just after lunch Ruby met me at the door struggling to breath. I got her immediately to Pet Townsend Vet. Despite the best efforts of Dr. Abby and her staff and being placed on oxygen nothing worked to stabilize Ruby enough to breath on her own so I made the heart wrenching decision to let her go. Dr. Abby felt Ruby had some underlying tumor or cancer of her lungs that caused her condition. 

Being in love is a risky business and losing a loved one or even a beloved pet is a chance one takes when falling in love. I will continue to bet on love. Thank you everyone for your kind words and support, it means the world to me and my buddy Max.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is another a busy day for me working in my office updating software, working on my website, editing photos, leaning how to use new album designing software. By my side as I worked is my faithful dog Max. I adopted Max from the shelter thirteen years ago. My German Shepard Gypsy had just died and I knew I wanted another dog. Not to replace her but to give another shelter pup a good life like Gypsy had had in my home. The shelter told me Max was about two but he acted more like a puppy under a year than a two year old. His age doesn't really matter unless I'm looking at how much more time I have left with this sweet dog. I can see him slipping a bit, he seems confused like not wanting to go through the door to my office or waiting by the wrong door to come in from outside. He still has his appetite and hasn't lost his mobility except he's now hesitant to tackle the stairs to the bed he loved to lay on.

As an adult I have always had a dog, always a shelter dog of mixed heritage. Max is the best natured, loving dog I have ever owned. He is very sensitive dog, aware of my feeling. If I'm happy or especially when sad he seems to know. He decides to curl up on the couch with me when I sob through one of those Humane Society commercials with all the animals that need to get adopted. Even after years of walking together he still always walks in front of me, encouraging me to pick up my pace. As for disposition he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. My other shelter dog, Ruby who I fondly call my "devil child" acts like a two year old instead of her true age of ten. She always pushes Max out of the way at the water bowl, or moves in for that one piece of food that has jumped out of Max's bowl and he never snaps or growls at her. Ruby can be at the far end of the yard and she can still be the first to get thru the sliding glass doors as Max gets pushed aside Max waits patiently to enter last.

I'm reminded today of how lucky I am to have handsome Max in my life. My sweet pup with those sad eyes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Port Townsend Wedding-Elopements-Engagements Event Venues and Services

Right now I'm very excited to be part of a group of businesses that represent venues and services available to couples planning to come to Port Townsend for their destination wedding. A group of Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Members are working together to support and promote couples coming to the Peninsula not only for their wedding but other special events like celebrating anniversaries or family reunions. Port Townsend and the entire Olympic Peninsula is an incredible place to visit and offers an unlimited amount of venues, services, events and activities to take part in while visiting. Next time your thinking of a destination location for a wedding or other family gathering consider Port Townsend. Many of the venues listed below not only offer event space, or lodging, some have their own restaurant or offer catering. Many of these venues like the Maritime Center and Fort Worden are large enough for bigger groups while others offer more intimate settings for smaller groups, both options should fit any occasion.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Quilts of Honor Delivered to Veterans At Memorial Day Service at Marvin G. Shields Post 26.

I once had a friend who reminded me of a quilt. She had the warmth and personality that made me think of the qualities of a quilt in that she always had room in her life to add another friend. I was fortunate to be one of them for the short time that I knew her. A quilt, like Roberta always has the potential to add one more patch or section to its final product. A quilt brings warmth and comfort to all who wrap themselves in one.

On Memorial Day the local chapter of Quilts of Valor Foundation presented 30 handmade quilts to WWII and Korean veterans. I have been attending ceremonies at the local American Legion in Port Townsend for over 14 years and this had to be the most emotional ceremony I have witnessed.

I can't image the amount of time that must have went into creating each of these beautiful art pieces that was personalized for each veteran. Each quilt had the recipients name and the names of the women who had made the quilt. I usually don;t take photos during the indoor ceremonies but on Monday I went to the front of the room to try to capture a few images. Luckily with my 70-200 lens I was able to zoom in from afar without being too much in the way of the ceremony.

There was hardly a dry eye in the house during this ceremony. Each group of women that had created the quilt presented and really engulfed the veteran as they placed the quilt over their shoulders. Some were too frail to stand and were given the quilts as they sat with their families. The tearful emotions shown in the eyes of the women presenting the quilts as they touched and patted the quilt molding it to each veteran. It was amazing to witness. You could see the appreciation that this recognition and the response of the nearly 350 in attendance made for each person receiving a quilt. These lovely quilts will be part of their lives and passed down through generations honoring each mans service. Thank you to Kathryn Bates and all the quilters from the Jefferson County Quilts of Valor.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Looking for Love? Consider Adopting a Cat or Dog from the Port Townsend Shelter

Who can resist these sweet faces. Right now the shelter has one dog, Lucas and these five adorable cats. You can visit the shelter Tuesday-Sunday from 12-5 or call them at (360) 385-2662. Anyone have a favorite? 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Remembering What it is Like to Have Your Own Photograph Taken-Makes Me a Better Photographer

Sometimes it is important to have your photograph taken to remember how your clients feel when you photograph them. I almost always tell a client, I have the easier job and that it is much harder being at the other end of the camera and having your portrait taken. Just like my clients I love wearing my favorite colors, like this sweater, and earrings when being photographed. Often clients are in tune to what is there most flattering color to wear and what works with their skin tone and hair coloring.  I have a copy of Color Me Beautiful written by Carole Jackson in 1977 but still relevant today. I bring out this book and bring it out as part of my discussion with my clients in their pre-consultation here in my studio. The book helps matching which of the four seasons someone is and the colors that look best on them. Being a "Winter" I can wear black, white, blues, reds and purple colored clothing. Women who have turned gray prematurely are often Winters.

Making my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera is a priority for me with all my sessions. Thank you to Kay Harper for taking this photo of me. Kay helps me by being my second Photographer when I do event photography like weddings, anniversary parties and other events here in Port Townsend.