Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Updated Bio Image. Being on the Other End of the Camera.

My friend and fellow photographer Kay Harper came by my studio last week and photographed me for an updated image for on my Blog profile and website. Posing for this photo reminded me what it feels like to be the subject photographed and not the photographer. So not being behind the camera was a good experience for me.

I think all of us, especially women, are critical of our features when we see our photo. Kay and I have taken taken lots of photos of each other as we worked on learning to use the Westcott Spiders lights in my studio. In reviewing lots of images of myself on my large monitor I have become more aware of specific features of my face. The bump on my nose, those darn smile lines, the shape of my eyes and knowing which is my smaller eye and how important it is to place that eye closer to the camera in a portrait. Almost 15 years ago my ophthalmologist, Doctor O'Morchoe found a tumor on my lower eye. After having the tumor successfully removed it altered the shape of my left eye.

I'm also very aware that as my hair has turned from brown with white streaks to all gray I find colors I once could wear no longer look good on me. Now wearing colors like purple and red really make me feel better about myself and the way I look. I like to remind my clients when coming for a session to wear something they feel comfortable in and to bring a couple different outfits for their session. I also need to remember to ask my clients what they think are their best features.

I try to put all my clients at ease when photographing them. I love it when a client who was hesitant to have a portrait taken finds after their session they ended up having a great time and are thrilled with their final images.

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