Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kodak Moment-Kodak Gallery Commercial (Live Forever)

I'm listening to photographer Dane Sanders from AskDane.com. Tonight he is giving a live presentation podcast from Knoxville. I'm thrilled to be able to watch this as I sit here editing photos for clients and new images to update my website. Tonight's topic is "Finding Your Way" in the photography world.

During his presentation he showed a YouTube Video from Kodak. It was released several years ago and is just as relevant today on why photographs are part of our lives, our whole lives, no matter who we are or what we do. I'm adding the link to the clip, one Kodak Gallery Commercial (Live Forever) long version or the Kodak Gallery Commercial (Live Forever) short version .

If you haven't seen this before it is a really touching video especially for any of us who have lost a loved one and despite their death their memory still survives through photographs. I feel so blessed that I'm a Photographer, I would like to think I do more than just take photos but rather I create memories. Many of my recent family images have reminded me how I have captured a certain time in their lives that they will never have again. It can be a couple celebrating a special anniversary, a family reunion in Port Townsend, pictures of a family gathering where they have came from all the over country to PT  to spread their parents ashes or the joy of an 80th birthday party.  I love what I do and feel I bring something special to my photography business because I understand and value the importance of a photograph.

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