Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Information on Local Women Attacked by Bag of Dog Food

I'm re-posting a Blog post that I wrote in mid-December. Last August I fell and shattered my wrist. Today is the one year anniversary of the great fall that changed my life. My wrist and shoulder are still healing but today I'm counting my blessing on how I have recovered from my injury. There are so many things I once took for granted that I don't anymore. Every day I feel so lucky to be able to stand in a shower, squeeze a tube of toothpaste, put a sweater over my head, tie my shoes, use a can opener, drive my car, take my dogs for a walk and pick up a penny with my left hand. Best of all I can still hold a camera and take beautiful images of my clients.

Anyone have a similar experience they would like to share?

December 2012
Well I wasn't really attacked. Just over three months ago I was dragging a 40 pound of dog food across my living room floor when I somehow my got foot caught on a throw over my couch and fell straight back on my wrist. I went down like a tree. I jumped up thinking I was fine until I saw my wrist hanging the wrong way and swelling so quickly I could hardly remove my watch. Immediately I canceled the Senior session I had in an hour, put the darn bag of dog food away, fed the dogs, put the rest of the groceries I had just bought away and called a friend to meet me at the emergency room.

So through all of this I never once thought of calling 911 since the hospital is only a couple minute walk from my home. I headed out the house and up my drive when I realized I still had groceries in my car. So I grabbed the bag and headed up the street to find someone home to give me a ride to the hospital. At the second house my neighbor was at home. The poor guy looked afraid as he opened the door since by now I was white as a sheet. He immediately asked how he could help. I told him I needed him to take my groceries, help me remove the light meter that was handing off my belt loop, that I couldn't get off, and give me a ride to the ER. Did I mention I had to use the restroom before I left the house. It was more than a struggled to get my jeans back up since I was using one hand and couldn't get them buttoned. Plus I hadn't been able to undo the knot that fed through the loop of my jeans that was attached on the other end to my light meter that hung at my knees.
The ER visit didn't go well, it wasn't just a broken my wrist, it was a badly shattered wrist that required surgery the next day. It took two surgeons three hours to put my wrist back together with one plate and six pins. Later on I found out that just that hardware or implant cost $18,000. I have been lucky not to have any real experience with medical bills in my life so all this has been quite a learning experience. I spent six weeks in a cast and then unfortunately when the cast was removed I found out my hand had become swollen and developed something called complex regional pain syndrome. This syndrome is incredibly painful and required lots of occupational therapy. Then an MRI found I had hurt my shoulder during the "crash" which meant additional physical therapy. Next I came down with a virus and landed back on the couch for a week.
Today I can laugh out loud as I write this. I wanted to wait to post this when I felt I really was on the road to recovery. I'm back photographing both on location and in the studio. In fact 10 days after my surgery I was photographing a Senior session in downtown Port Townsend using my bulky cast as a portable tripod and balancing my Nikon D700 on it.
I will post more later but just wanted clients to know I never stopped photographing except for the period just after my surgery. I have completed two beautiful wedding albums and have had a wonderful time with all the Seniors I have been working with to get there sessions completed and images picked for the yearbook. It is not too late to book a Senior session or any session to have images for Christmas gifts, just give me a call, 385-2662, to set up an appointment.

My next post might be the 10 things I missed most not being able to use my left hand or the 10 things I'm most grateful for after surviving a tough three months. I feel very blessed with all the help and support from my family, friends, medical staff and clients. Blue skies ahead...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Looking to Adopt a Boxer? Tia is Available at the HSJC in Port Townsend

Lot of adoptions last week at the Humane Society of Jefferson County. Right now the shelter has one dog Tina, two kittens and two adult cats. You can visit the Port Townsend shelter on Tuesday-Saturday from 12-5 or you can reach them at (360) 385-3292.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Considering Adopting A Pet? Visit the Humane Society of Jefferson County

Lots of adoptions at the Port Townsend shelter this week. There are still several lovely black cats including sister & brother Lily and Tiger. Tia is a sweet Boxer just waiting to find the perfect home. You can visit the shelter Tuesday-Saturday 12-5 or call then at (360) 385-3292.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

7 Reasons to Adopt A Black Cat

You can visit anyone of these beautiful black cats at the Humane Society of Jefferson County. The Port Townsend shelter is open from 12-5 Tuesday-Saturday and their number is (360) 385-3292.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A handsome family photo from my session last Wednesday. Vicki, who lives in Iowa, found me on the internet & called to book a family session while visiting the Olympic Peninsula.
 A fun photo of siblings, Kirsten & Aaron, who came to the studio last week for a session with his family. Aaron lives in Seattle & his family flew in from Iowa to spend the week vacationing on the Olympic Peninsula.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Port Townsend Photography-High School Senior Portraits in Studio or on Location

Now is the perfect time to contact me about setting up a free consultation for a Senior session. Since school starts in a couple weeks booking now should be bit easier before the school year begins. The weather is great & the late summer light is beautiful in the early morning or early evening. These images are from last fall when Cory booked a studio session & an on location session. I photographed him in my Port Townsend studio then with his bike at his home & then more photos were taken at Fort Worden. 

Fort Worden offers such a great variety of colored backgrounds, from the bunkers, to the beach with soft yellow and green grasses.  The Fort is really one of my favorite spots to photograph Seniors. Downtown Port Townsend is also a popular location many High School Seniors pick for their on location session. Historical downtown offers old worn bricks, limestone grays, old weathered doors, cool back alleys with great light and wonderful textured backgrounds.

Call me today at Deja View Photography, located in Port Townsend, at 385-2662 to book a free consultation to discuss the perfect Senior session to capture your unique likes and interests.

Save a Life. Adopt a Cat or Dog from the Port Townsend Shelter Today.

Make a difference today for one of these sweet shelter animals seeking a new home. The Humane Society of Jefferson County, our local shelter here in Port Townsend, has several dogs including Tia an adult Boxer available for adoption. Currently the shelter has several adult and young cats including at least 3 kittens available for adoption. You can visit the shelter Tuesday-Saturday from 12-5 or call them at 385-3292.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Port Townsend & Chimacum High School Seniors Now Is the Time

Now is a perfect time to book your High School Senior Session. The weather has been great and either early morning or late afternoon offers lovely lighting at almost any location around Port Townsend or Chimacum to capture your image.

I offer in studio or on location sessions and a variety of print packages and products. Many Seniors order traditional prints but also purchase fun Brag Books, metal prints or art canvas of their favorite images. What ever type of session you book it includes a variety or poses, unique props that you can bring along that are unique to you, multiple outfit changes and if on location it can include more than one location like Fort Worden, downtown Port Townsend or at Chezemoka Park.

I usually meet with Seniors and their parents first for a free initial consultation and discuss the session, posing, clothing options, my print packages and products. If it sounds like you are interested in working with me we set a time for the Senior session at that meeting. Next is the session itself.  After that I review and edit the photos and have the Senior and their parents back to look over the images and pick out their favorites. Once prints and products are ordered it takes about a week to have an order ready for pick up and review in my studio. I strive to make each session unique for each Senior to capture this special time in their life. I provide excellent customer service and offer products that a family will treasure for years to come.

My August schedule is booking quickly so give me a call today at 385-2662 to set up a time to photograph your session while you still have that great summer tan and a more flexible schedule before school starts.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Thinking of Adopting A Dog or Cat? The Port Townsend Shelter is the Place to Visit

What a sweet group of cats and dogs available to be adopted from the Humane Society of Jefferson County, our local shelter here in Port Townsend.

Tiger and Lily are just 9 months old and are brother and sister. They have always been together and get along so well it would be wonderful if they could be adopted together. It is so fun watching them play together when they are out in the cat room at the shelter. Look at that pose from Tiger as she lounges in the cat room.

Then there is Spud, a new puppy to the shelter. What a handsome and sweet dog. He is a combination of Shepherd and Basset Hound so a beautiful face on a Hound body so he is smaller than a traditional Shepherd. He is a love bug and every time I tried to photograph him he fell up against Sharon the volunteer who was helping me on Sunday.

The Port Townsend shelter is open from 12-5 Tuesday-Saturday or you can reach them at 385-3292 for more information about any of the animals pictured on the poster.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Love will Live Forever-Thinking About Adopting a Pet? Visit Humane Society of Jefferson County in Port Townsend

What a handsome line up of adorable animals looking for homes here in Port Townsend at the Humane Society of Jefferson County. Lucky has the sweetest smile, Hazel's markings make her a beauty, look how regal handsome Shadow is and Velvet is a love bug that wants to sit on your lap and be petted.

If you have room in your home and heart consider adopting one of these deserving animals. You can visit the shelter from Tuesday-Saturday from 12-5 or reach them at (360) 385-3292.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Karla and Gabe who were married a year ago today. Their beautiful wedding took place at the First Presbyterian Church here in Port Townsend and the reception was held at the local Elks Club. I created a short video with some of the still images from their special day. Here is the link to their wedding video on my website

Friday, August 2, 2013

Port Townsend Photographer offers Clients Fun Videos

This afternoon Kennon's Mom booked a studio session with me. His image was one of the winners in the Port Townsend Adorable Kids Photo Contest Winners held earlier this year. Each category winner won a free studio session with Deja View Photography. I photographed Kennon last year when he was two in my Port Townsend studio. I wanted to post this link to my website if you haven't seen this adorable video I created with his images. It is the last video on this page