Monday, April 29, 2019

So even when I'm not working I have fun taking photos. Last week I wandered around the Jefferson County Farmers Market and captured some fun images. I love going to the market on Saturdays and fondly remember the six years I was there as a vendor selling my photography prints and cards. It is a wonderful community of hard working people that make up one of the biggest Farmers Market in Washington state. Bumped into my dear friend Linda Pollard, with her sister, who was visiting PT. Linda did the market for many years including some of the time that I also was a vendor at the market so it was great to see her. #dejaviewphotography

Sunday, April 28, 2019

2019 Port Townsend Women and Film Festival

A fun collage with more images from the Port Townsend Women and Film held just two weeks ago. The festival was held at the Rose Theatre and was a weekend filled with great films and lots of opportunities to meet with many of the Filmmakers and Directors. The rainy weather limited me a bit from taking as many candid images outside as I have done in the past but it gave me more time to visit during the festival. It was fun for me to meet and photograph some of the returning participants from previous festivals. If you missed the festival this year you can visit the PTFF page to view the movies that were shown, see the trailers and learn about the directors. Can't wait for the Port Townsend Film Festival in September which will be held the 19th-22nd of this year.…/Women…/W&F-Current-Program.html… #porttownsendfilmfestival

Monday, April 22, 2019

Looking for Homes in Port Townsend

Adorable groups of cats and dogs looking for their forever homes here in Port Townsend. You can visit the Humane Society of Jefferson County Tuesday-Sunday from 12-5 or call them at 385-3292. #humanescocietyofjeffersoncounty

Saturday, April 6, 2019


Bugs bugging, bees buzzing, birds tweeting, buds bursting, brooks babbling, beautiful blue skies, boats sailing, baseball batted, bikers biking, butterflies fluttering. Must be spring. Saw lots of "B" words on my walk today with my dog Sherman.