Thursday, April 1, 2010

Deja Webster Attends Wedding Portrait Photographers International Conference in Las Vegas

Wow what a wonderful experience attending this year’s Wedding Portrait Photographers International Convention in Las Vegas. This was my second year to attend the convention and this year they had their largest attendance ever with over 15,000 people and something like 500 vendors. I was there for six days, March 6-11th and went early to attend some of the Master Classes they offered before the regular convention started. It was a great opportunity to hear some of the most talented photographers from all over the world, visit with vendors whose products I offer and just chat with other photographers willing to share how their business works.

On my last night in Las Vegas I noticed this photo of Sting and thought his outstretched hands reflected how much I had learned in six days of workshops at WPPI. Fellow photographer and friend, Kay Harper took this photo of me. More to follow…

Australian Photographer Jerry Ghionis, in black, and friends, at the closing program sponsored by Photographers Ignite.

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