Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Are Professional Photographers So Expensive

I recently read an interesting article in the magazine Professional Photographers of America. Photographer Shawn Richer wrote on Why Are Professional Photographers So Expensive. I belong to PPA and to give you a couple examples of some of my yearly expenses their membership is over $300, Wedding Portrait Photographers International or WPPI and National Association of Photoshop Professionals are another $100 each. While all these valuable organizations are critical in running my photography business these fees add up. The last Nikon lens I bought was just shy of $2000, then there is advertising costs, insurance, utitilies for my portrait studio, cameras, flash or speedlights, computer equipment, printers, ink, paper, external hard drives for backing up files, editing software, studio lighting, continuing education workshops and the list goes on... 

I posted this interesting PPA article by Shawn Richer in the next posting below. Let me know what you think about either my comments or the article below by Shawn.

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