Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Updating Your Driver’s License

I have a birthday coming up this month and realized I needed to renew my license and could now do it online. As in the past I checked off the option to be an organ donor and didn’t give it much thought until I read this month’s issue of Professional Photographers magazine. In honor of April being National Donate Life Month photographer Rebecca Worple wrote an article that was highlighted in the Good Works section of the magazine. It‘s a monthly segment on photographers and causes that they support by volunteering in their communities.

Rebecca helped a non-profit agency called LifeCenter by taking photographs of recipients of recent organ transplants. The touching images were used to create a calendar that was used as an educational tool, in the Cincinnati area, to make people aware of the benefits of being of organ donations. A couple facts she mention were: 8 people can benefit from just one organ donor and nearly 50 people can be helped by a single tissue donation. You can visit LifeCenter’s website at Life Pass It On  and Rebecca’s site it Owenemma. Think about becoming a donor if you haven’t taken advantage of that option when renewing your license, indeed one person can make a difference. What a nice gift to give.

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