Saturday, April 24, 2010

High Tea for Peace at the Unitarian Church at 4:30-5:30 on Sunday, April 25th

I received an email the other day from Breanna, one of the high school seniors I photographed earlier this year. As part of her senior project she is holding a High Tea for Peace at the Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church at 4:30 on Sunday, April 25th. She is raising money for the CAI (Central Asian Institute) to help build schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan to promote peace through education and help women become empowered in small villages. It is inspired by the book Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.

She told me it is an open invitation to everyone in Port Townsend. The website above gives a bit more information about the tea and location of the Church. Please consider attending this worthwhile project and support one of our Port Townsend Seniors with her project.

I just returned from Breanna's presentation at the Unitarian Church. She did a wonderful job discussing the details of the work Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, is doing in Afghanistan. The food at the tea was wonderful and donations gathered tonight were being sent to support The Central Asia Institute. Many of my friends have read Three Cups of Tea and Breanna reinforced my interest in the book. I need to put my photography books down long enough to read this important best selling book. I learned tonight that Greg Mortneson is presenting a program in Lacy mid-May and it sounded like Breanna and her family were planning to attend.

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