Sunday, January 8, 2023

Lots of Changes

I'm so grateful to have this Blog so soon after I started my Photography business. Last night I sat down and read old posts all the way back to 2009. I stayed up well past midnight reminiscing about my early posts on this Google Blogger. I spent hours reading the description of all the cat and dog photos  I took at our local shelter and then posted them here. I volunteered weekly at our local shelter for 15 years but when Covid hit they limited the shelter to only staff and I took that as a sign as it may be the right time to stop and find another way to donate my time. Thanks to my Deja View Photography Blog many of those pet images were seen by people who ended up adopting a specific pet because they saw my post.

Going back to my first posts in 2009 is like opening and viewing a time capsule. I spent time rereading sad posts that go back to when I  lost my dogs, Ruby and Max and giggled at some of my early posts and photos. I'm a bit nervous about creating a backup that goes back to 2009 so I realize one day I may lose this little treasure here. 

I found as I reread my posts I actually missed keeping up a Blog. Covid changed so many things relating to my business, or lack of, during those early days. 2020 was an incredibly strange time and people just weren't risking having their photos taken in an enclosed space like my studio. Money was an issue as many people were unemployed. Port Townsend is a destination for many visitors during the summer, especially at Fort Worden State Park. But that didn't happen and I missed the opportunity to take family photos of visitors staying at the Fort.  
A hundred years from now Historians will still be studying how the World changed during the pandemic. I'm incredibly optimistic about what 2023 will bring.  

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