Monday, August 26, 2019

Celebrating National Dog Day

Being National Dog Day seems a perfect time to share that I adopted a dog named Hailey about 6 weeks ago. She is a German Shepard mix and was in a kennel down in CA and brought up to the shelter here in PT back in April. Upon her arrival staff realized she was pregnant and she was put in foster care with a wonderful foster Mom named Cassie. Cassie, and her neighborhoods, helped cared for Hailey and then the 10 puppies Hailey had. I feel in love with Hailey the first time I photographed her at the shelter. Since losing my dog Max my house seemed too quiet and Sherman seemed lost without his buddy too. Hailey and Sherman get along wonderfully. When I brought Sherman home Max was too old to be puppy playful with him so this is a different experience being around a young dog. The shelter guessed she is maybe just over a year and all puppy. Chubby Sherman has already lost 4 pounds from tearing up the back yard with Hailey. I have a large fenced in yard that Hailey has turned into a race track with Sherman often in step behind her. They do that doggy thing chomping on each other and tumbling around in the dirt. One Sunday a couple of weeks ago I fell asleep on the couch with Hailey at my feet. An hour later I woke up, Hailey had pushed me half off the couch and was laying parallel to me with all four long legs up in the air snoring. I knew then she was here to stay. Sherman and I love having Hailey be part of our family.

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