Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Remembering What it is Like to Have Your Own Photograph Taken-Makes Me a Better Photographer

Sometimes it is important to have your photograph taken to remember how your clients feel when you photograph them. I almost always tell a client, I have the easier job and that it is much harder being at the other end of the camera and having your portrait taken. Just like my clients I love wearing my favorite colors, like this sweater, and earrings when being photographed. Often clients are in tune to what is there most flattering color to wear and what works with their skin tone and hair coloring.  I have a copy of Color Me Beautiful written by Carole Jackson in 1977 but still relevant today. I bring out this book and bring it out as part of my discussion with my clients in their pre-consultation here in my studio. The book helps matching which of the four seasons someone is and the colors that look best on them. Being a "Winter" I can wear black, white, blues, reds and purple colored clothing. Women who have turned gray prematurely are often Winters.

Making my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera is a priority for me with all my sessions. Thank you to Kay Harper for taking this photo of me. Kay helps me by being my second Photographer when I do event photography like weddings, anniversary parties and other events here in Port Townsend.

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