Friday, February 7, 2014

Frisky Male Seeks New Life
This handsome lad is searching for a new home. I photographed Apollo last week at the shelter and love the look I captured of him with those perky ears, shiny coat and bright eyes. I always try to get at eye level of any dog I photograph but especially important for a dog this small. I don't want to distort his size by shooting down on him. He has lots of energy like a typical Rat Terrier/Miniature Pinscher Mix and probably would be suited for a family with children over 16.  He weighs in at about 17 pounds and is just 4 years old. 

Apollo is available at the Humane Society of Jefferson County. The shelter is located here in Port Townsend and open from Tuesday-Sunday from 12-5. You can call the shelter at (360) 385-3292.

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