Saturday, September 21, 2013

10 Things to Think About When Preparing for Your Senior Session

1. Wear something you love and feel comfortable in like a favorite top. Clients of all ages know what clothes and colors they look great in. Often a favorite color is also the same one you look best in.

2. Bring along fun accessories that tell the story that makes you unique. Last year I had three Seniors who played the violin and they all made their instrument part of their session. Zander loved his favorite hat and used this image as his photo for his yearbook and I photographed Cory at his home on his bike.

3. Bring several different outfits. Try to avoid short sleeves and plaids or strips.

4. Think about your favorite location. Did you grown up hanging out in the bunkers, or on the beach out at Fort Worden? The park maybe the perfect spot to capture your Senior images? The variety of different colored and textured bunker walls make for beautiful backgrounds as do the grasses and the beach. Do you love our historical buildings in downtown Port Townsend with all the brick work and colorful walls? Downtown alleys offer great fun backgrounds for a session.
5. Wear something fun but probably best to avoid bright strips or plaids when planning your outfits. Something too bright or distracting may take away from your portrait.

6. Have some some fun ideas from a magazine like Ellie or Vanity Fair? Bring those clipping along to your session. You might have an idea for a great pose you would like to recreate.

7. I will work with you and share some common tips on posing to create the most flattering image of you for your session.

8. If you are doing a studio session and want to bring along a favorite CD to play during your session.

9. Remember to bring a comb or brush to your session.

10. If bringing along several different outfits take the time to put them on a hanger not balled up in a bag with so many wrinkles it will detract from your portrait.

Contact Deja, local Port Townsend Photographer, and owner of Deja View Photography at 385-2662 to schedule at session today.

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