Sunday, March 27, 2011

Animals Available for Adoption at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter

What a handsome group of dogs and cats just waiting for you at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter. Today was my day to volunteer by photographing all our animals that are currently available for adoption. I was on the floor in the cat room today when Ben leaped up on my one knee to check out my camera, I actually think he was fascinated by the noise my flash made as it recharged. Anyone of our dogs would make a wonderful addition to your family. I could easily take anyone of them home but my dogs Ruby and Max might not want to share their fenced yard. Last Sunday it was raining so this week all the dogs came out for new updated photos. They all did a great job posing as they lifted their noses to smell something unique in the air around the Shelter this morning. Cash did the cutest thing with her ears almost creating a Yoda look. Please call the JCAShelter. 385-3292, for updates on who is available for adoption or visit Petfinder, type in our zip code of 98368 and get more details on each of our animals.

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