Friday, October 2, 2009

Sweet Sophie

My friend Ruth lost her long-time companion Sophie last week. Sophie and her doggie pal Belle were both my first real dog models other than my dog Max. Both Sophie and Belle posed for many of my early photos as I chased them around Ruth's home everytime I went for a visit. Belle unfortuantely passed away back in May. Neither of them could have know the impact they had on my photography. Because of the confidence I gained by photographing them I decided to volunteer at my local shelter, Jefferson County Animal Shelter, just over four years ago. There I photograph animals for adoption every Sunday and while my part is small in the scheme of things at the shelter and its wonderful volunteers and staff there I think my photos have aided in animals getting adopted. So in a round about way the legacy of Sophie and Belle is that they have helped with hundreds, if not thousands of animals, get adopted over the last four years. They both will live on in my heart.

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