Sunday, October 4, 2009

10-4 School of Athens Lecture Series with Photographer Phil Borges

What a wonderful lecture I attended this afternoon at the Rose Theatre with Phil Borges. His images were portraits from his travels all over the world including Tibet, Kenya, and Peru. His presentation included haunting images of monks and nuns that had been jailed in Tibet and had made their way to freedom in Dharamsala. I didn't realize until I searched his website that I believe I heard him speak as part of a panel discussion in 2007 at the Microsoft Pro Summit in Redmond. I think everyone who left the lecture was touched by the images we saw and the work he is doing with projects like Women Empowered Project, the Tibetan Portrait and Enduring Spirit exbibit. As an ex-Elementary teacher his work with Bridges of Understanding, an online program connecting school children all over the world, was just amazing.

Here is a link to Phil's website to view some of his images:
And a link to his work with Bridges of Understanding:

From the School of Athens website:
Award-winning Seattle photographer and lecturer Phil Borges, has documented indigenous and tribal cultures around the world for over twenty-five years. His books and exhibitions include Tibetan Portrait: The Power of Compassion (a deep look into the displacement and marginalization of a spiritual culture), Enduring Spirit (celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), The Gift (documenting the work of medical teams providing reconstructive surgery to children in the developing world), and Women Empowered (focusing on extraordinary women who are breaking through gender barriers and conventions in the developing world).

The next speaker is on November 8th with Tom Joyce and it will be held at the Rose here in Port Townsend.

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