Thursday, November 14, 2019

Veterans Day

Went to the Veterans Day Program today at the American Legion. The Port Townsend Summer Band played patriotic through out the ceremony. The amazing women who are part of the Quilts of Valor presented about 20 beautiful handmade quilts to local Vets. It was a very nice program and seeing Veterans receiving their quilts made for a very special part of the program. Couldn't help but think of my Dad today. He was a member of the American Legion for 69 years so I'm sure he was missed at the Delavan Legion back in Southern Wisconsin today. As I looked around the packed room at our legion program I realized I could never imagine what the men and women & families in that room have experienced or sacrificed. I have tried to attend every Memorial Day or Veterans Day for the last 17 years honoring the memory of my boyfriend Don, who served in the Navy during Vietnam & always thought of my Dad's service. Today I realized how many Veterans were not part of the program as many have passed over the years. As one of the 99% that has not served in the military I'm grateful for the 1% who have. Thinking of my Dad who instilled a strong sense of patriotism & love of country in me. Miss you Dad. 

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