Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

My parents are celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary today. I have this photo sitting in my studio along side my work. It reminds me of how important photos are to me. I'm in awe of their Photographer capturing this image on film without the advantages I have today using a digital camera. I'm also impressed with the print itself and the longevity of this image printed 67 years ago. I love the ties the guys are wearing, the details in my Mom's dress and veil, she might even have gloves on. The Photographer did a nice job getting Mom's dress to flow down the stairs, I wonder what he used for lighting. They look so young and so happy. My Uncle Bob, my Mother's brother, is on the far left. Thank you to my parents for the many values they have taught me. They have shown me by example a strong work ethic, the importance of living thrifty and in saving and to remember to give back to ones community.

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