Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adopt Us and We Will Make You a Better Person

Here is this weeks poster of animals available for adoption from our local shelter, the Humane Society of Jefferson County.  As a photographer I find photographing the shelters black cats the most difficult especially when huddled back in their metal cages. I either slam them with light or don't get enough on them to show the details of their body.
This week it is a family affair at the shelter with Tom & Jerry who are brothers and Satin mother to the black kitten named Cole. I'm in love with Sadie, if I thought my dog Ruby wouldn't eat her I would have brought her home by now. She is an adorable, affectionate cat with an incredible purr once she becomes comfortable with you. She loves having her chin rubbed and that special spot behind her ears. If you are debating about adopting a cat consider Sadie whose time it is to find a new forever home.
The shelter is open from 12-5 Tuesday-Saturday or you can reach them at (360) 385-3292.

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