Tuesday, February 12, 2013

35 Things About Me

I love anything made with chocolate and peanuts.
I once drove cross country from Maine to Washington with my dog Narda.
I used to have a  Basket making business, Natures Baskets by Deja.
I once hand sanded a 41 foot sail boat by hand, twice.
I once flew a biplane, with a 220 Continental radial engine, by myself.
I ran the San Juan River in Colorado in a raft while in college.
I once got a D in a class on Pots and Pans.
I miss my partner, Don almost everyday.
I couldn't live without having a dog or two.
I once was a department head at a hospital.
I was on homecoming court.
I used to be an avid bird watcher.
I eat, sleep and dream about Photography.
I taught Elementary School in Maine.
I once was in a 12 car pile up in a snow storm in Wisconsin.
I passed my FAA flight exam.
I once repaired a lawn mower by myself.
I painted the inside of my home red, sage and lavender.
I used to fish with my Grandparents.
I volunteer at my local animal shelter.
I once did the Heimlich maneuver on a women who was choking.
I can imitate the call of a sandhill crane.
I shattered my wrist last fall.
I used to own a 49 Ford.
I like wearing glasses.
I have one brother.
I lived in Cincinnati for a year.
I love the smell of Dial soap.
I almost joined the Army.
I grew up in a town in Southern Wisconsin with a population of less than 1200.
I had a streak of gray hair when I was in my twenties.
I love earth tones and textures.
I have sailed a 41 foot Rhodes Bounty.
I once held a Microsoft certificate in Windows 2000.
I once spend a night in Yellowstone National Park huddled on a lawn chair to avoid the flooding in my tent.

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