Sunday, February 19, 2012

To Pinterest of Not to Pinterest?

My friend Gina Holeman invited me to join Pinterest several months ago. From Gina I learned one can only join Pinterest by receiving an invitation from a current member. Months ago I had logged on briefly and then forgot about the site until the other day when I got a marketing email talking about the success of Pinterest.  I think the parent company is Time Inc., that publishes Real Simple Magazine and is responsible for the Pinterest website. Pinterest is the fastest growing site, recently it hit 10 million unique visitors. An article I just read on the HubSpot Blog wrote that in the last 6 months the site has grown by 4000% and in one week it had 11 million hits in a week.

I have a subscription to Real Simple magazine and enjoy just relaxing and flipping through issues and folding over the pages of a good looking recipe or a decorating idea. I think that is why I enjoyed looking over the thousands of images on the Pinterest site. The bad part is I spend so much time on the Internet trying to update my Blog, my Face book fan page at, Deja View Photography Studio and my website at Deja View Photography  so I'm a hesitating a bit to spend too much time on the Pinterest site. However this weekend I logged on several times and uploading images to create new Boards and pinning other pictures to create other Boards. It made for a nice break from working on getting my taxes ready to meet with my accountant. I uploaded some of my favorite cat and dog images to share on "Boards" that are like story boards. With each "Board" or picture that is "Pinned" I can add my website so perhaps I will have fellow Pinterest members click the link to my

I would love to hear from others and what you think of Pinterest. I think perhaps most people really like it or others just think it is a waste of time. If you have time to leave a comment here and let me know what you think about the site.

You can visit my site by clicking on the link on the Gadget articles and links on the right side of my Blog page. If already a member just search for Deja Webster.

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