Monday, June 28, 2010

Portrait from the Past

Several months ago my friend Mort showed me the photo on the right of his Dad. He had visited his sister recently in New York and she had given him this photo small photo in a leather case. Mort's Father was working as a cosmetic salesman at the time this was taken. I had asked Mort several times about having his portrait taken but after seeing this image I thought it would be fun to take a current photo of Mort and add to it next to the image of his father.

Mort came to the studio a couple weeks ago and we took lots of different poses with hat, cigar and glasses. Instead of scanning his Father's image I took a photo of it with my Nikon camera and edited it in Photoshop. As I look more at this older photo I realized that there is the possibility of a whole generation who may not have printed photos that document their lives. So many families have cameras but often the images are on a cell phone or the Internet or even left on a memory card and not taken to be printed. This image is a reminder of how important printed images are in documenting the past.

Tell me what you do with your families photos? Do you still print your photos? Do you have them in an album? When is the last time you printed and framed an image?

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