Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time Out For the Holidays

I had a wonderful extended holiday vacation. After shooting a senior session on Christmas Eve day I was able to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. I was able to relax, catch up on my reading, talk to family back in Wisconsin and even take the dogs for several walks. Sunday morning I photographed animals at the animal shelter and in the afternoon a friend came by and set up a new stand for my studio background paper. It was really nice to take a break from the computer after all the recent editing and printing of images I had done for my clients for the holidays.

By Monday I was back at the computer and spending the day online with the wonderful program Sarah Petty from Joy of Marketing made available for free to thousands of photographers. The day included some 24 speakers and if you listened/watched the whole event it lasted 14 hours. I was on the site up until the last minute listening to speakers like Rod Evans talk about photographing seniors, Joe Buissink's talk on wedding photography was inspiring, Darty Hines gave some great tips on posing men and women and Jesh de Rox gave a very refreshing talk on how he approaches his photography and tips for marketing to clients. It was an amazing workshop and my head was spinning with ideas when I finally went to bed.

I'm so excited about the upcoming year. I plan to attend the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Convention again in Las Vegas in March. I attended the workshop for eight days last year and find that I'm still working on putting into practice all the tips I picked up while there.

I wish the best to all my friends and clients during the upcoming year.

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