Saturday, May 23, 2009

5-23 Deja View at the Port Townsend Farmer's Market

I just wanted to update my clients on my availability at the Port Townsend Farmer's Market this year. As my photography business has grown so has the direction my business has taken.

When I first started at the Farmer's Market five years ago I was mainly selling scenic cards to locals and tourists. Two years ago I started offering different size prints and focused on more portraits with pets. As people saw the quality of portraits I was taking I found them telling me that if I could do that kind of photography with pets would I consider taking a photo of either their children or family. So I began offering clients those types of photos and that has developed into more portraiture work leaving me less time not only to physically create the cards but also to photograph local scenery. So this year I will only be an occasional vendor at the Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Right now my schedule it to attend every other weekend. This Memorial Day weekend I'm here at home editing my last portrait session and preparing for another outdoor session I have this afternoon.

During the last six months I have devoted most of my time to becoming more familiar with my lighting equipment. I'm shooting with a Nikon D-80 and use both speedlights and softboxes for lighting. I have attended several workshops and bought additional equipment all in preparation of setting up a studio here at my home. With the studio now set up, and less time at the market, I now have more time on the weekends to schedule portrait sessions in the studio or on location. The reasonably large studio space allows for sessions with several different backgrounds and lighting options. I mainly do individual or small groups at this time. The studio gives me the ability to capture more than just a snapshot but rather a posed image, a moment in time with beautiful soft lighting that creates a lovely portraiture worthy of framing.

To my many clients who have shopped at my vendor booth at the market please give me a call or send an email and I will still create the cards you request or let you know my next date I will be a vendor at the market. Please also consider giving me a call and we can discuss my fees and perhaps set up an appointment.

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